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Used bakery ovens for sale

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This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and other media. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy. ProBAKE carries only the best re-conditioned used bakery equipment that will allow us to fulfill your automation requirements while accommodating even the most stringent of budgets.

When you choose from our inventory of used bakery equipment, you can be confident that it will serve your business exceptionally as it has been meticulously reconditioned by our expert technicians. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that every proBAKE product, whether used or new, is backed by our unrivaled support and warranties.

used bakery ovens for sale

X This website stores cookies on your computer. Used Bakery Equipment. Quality that is synonymous with our new equipment, at only a fraction of the cost! Our selection of previously owned equipment changes frequently, so please contact us at probake probake.For our customers, this means: top quality bakery technology at a reasonable price — of course the advice is included.

It does not matter if you need a small kneading machine or a complete system. Benefit from our experience. Altuntas Bakery Equipment, competent and reliable. In mi sapien, consequat ut consequat eget, aliquet quis lectus. Fusce iaculis odio nec commodo vulputate from amet. Send Message. Skip to content. WE ARE.

Bakery Equipment in Gauteng

Dealer from Germany. We buy and sell used machines. Any adjustments to the type of current and voltage can be adapted to the country-specific conditions.

Meanwhile, we deliver to more than 20 countries and also import new machines. In our warehouse we always have good used and new bakery machines. Aliquam ex sem, iaculis at interdum non, bibendum non est. Individual Approach. Gravida rutrum sit amet dolor from pellentesque vestibulum nibh diam, nec rhoncus dolor fringilla non.

Modern Technologies. Complex Sollutions. Pellentesque vestibulum nibh diam, nec rhoncus dolor fringilla non. Maecenas ut libero sapien amet. Project Planning. Large selection of machines. Have any questions? Call us now! Have a project for us? Enes Altuntas.In our wide range of used bakery equipmentbeside large machines and complete production lines, you will also find complete second hand bakery inventories. Investing in used bakery equipment, as opposed to new bakery machines, is a great deal cheaper given that you can buy a higher-quality machine for the same price of a lower-quality yet new machine.

Moreover, delivery times are shorter. In short, enough reasons for you to take this into consideration. On request, Dubet can deliver additional professional and technical services. As a customer, you are relieved of any concern, while we make sure that your bakery project turns out to be a success. Please use less filters or reset them. Show filters. Buhler flour milling plant tons per day View product.

Cake Line square cakes gram - round cakes gram View product. Cipa Oven Depending on the product View product. Comas Pie line gram by 3 rows at 3 seconds or 47 gram by 6 rows at 3 seconds View product. Croissant and Palmier line Free Baked Bread Line Fritsch Euroline pastry line depending on product View product.

Fritsch Impressa croissant line approx. Grissini production line trays per minute View product. Heuft multi deck oven View product. Konig Ceres Breadline Max 5. Laminating line L-shape Depending on products View product. Mecatherm toast bread line pieces per hour View product.

Miwe thermo-static ovens depending on product View product. Muffin line 3. Pizza decoration line Depending on the products and belt speed View product.

Pizza production line pizzas per hour View product. Rheon croissant line depending on type of product View product. Rondo Doge pizza line 1. Rusk production line depending on product View product. Saltek Pita Bread Line 8. Sancassiano mixing unit kg dough View product.

Several WP Kemper spiral mixers — new! Varies View product. Swiss roll production line Up to pieces per hour of grams View product. Tin bread line approx. Toast bread line 4.

Tromp pizza base line — pieces per hour depending on size View product. U-shape tray transport Depends on divider View product. Universal breadline Various View product.

Used revolving ovens

Waferline Waferplates per hour View product. WP Bun roll line 8.Used Bolling 5-Tray Revolving Oven. Model M-5 Each tray measures 17" x 26". Eliog-kelvitherm industrial furnace curing oven TC 21 Here we offer a Eliog-kelvitherm industrial furnace curing oven TC Industrial furnace curing oven Application: The curing oven is suitable for heat treatm Eliog-kelvitherm industrial furnace curing oven TC 12 Here we offer a Eliog-kelvitherm industrial furnace curing oven TC Seven ovens available, choose one or all.

Natural gas Used Reed Wholesal It is operational as of today and has been operational in an Italian Market for a number of years. This is why we have Despatch lab revolving tray oven, 5 trays, 18 in. Condition is Used. Local pickup only. Gas Fired. New Bearings inNew Motor in Installed in With Exhaust. Most recently used for Select Country USA Germany 2. Netherlands 1. Furnaces 2. Select Manufacturer Despatch 1. Hobart 1. Reed 1.Whether you dream of opening your own bakery on a neglected street corner or have an established operation in the middle of a busy crossroads, investing in reliable bakery equipment is essential.

used bakery ovens for sale

With popular brands like Casa Herrera, C. Whether you require an oven, feeder, cutter, melter, creamer, or any other machinery for your business, Aaron Equipment will be happy to help you in your search. Aaron Equipment is a dependable dealer with willing specialists available to advise you at every turn, making sure that you are nothing but completely confident with your purchase.

There is no need to overspend on brand new equipment when there is durable, used equipment on the market, and Aaron Equipment is the supplier to help you! Mounted on a stainless steel frame with casters. Serial Built Production output rate: wafer sheets per hour; 24 baking plates. Baking plate dimensions: 9" Long x 11" wide. Gas inlet with all accessories. Gas consumption approximately Mechanical feeding pump.

Adjustable compressed air nozzles. Airflow: Fluidbed with Carrier 26" x 30' Long x 9" Deep. Approximate 96" dump height.

Convection Oven - Bakery Machines and Equipment - SM-705E EP - SM-710E EP - SM-805E EP - SM-810E EP

Non-jacketed V style trough approximate 48" wide x 78" long x 39" deep. End bottom discharge with a 2. Mounted on a frame. The line can make long pieces of bread much like a baguette. Rated at grams per piece, it can do about 3, pieces per hour. At grams it is rated for approximately 3, pieces per hour. Bread line mixer has an output of 1, kg per hour.

The Benier moulder output more info Used- Casa Herrera Tortilla Line. Approximate 18" wide x 14' long. This is oven only. Equipped with 2 heads, 10 rows, with Siemens touch panel controls. Weight range 0. Approximate 75 Liter. Jacketed bowl 18" front to back x 15" left to right x approximate 22" deep.

Triple bar agitator, 1 fixed roller bar, counter balanced top cover, manual crank bowl tilt. All stainless steel. Includes belt washing system. Steam heated. Electric hoists. Includes controls, piping and further infrastructure. On legs. Overall dimensions: " mm long x 39" mm width x 81" mm more infoTrying to find a low-cost option for your next commercial bakery oven?

We have a large inventory of affordable equipment options for your bakery or restaurant. Check this page frequently as new inventory is added each week. Browse our used restaurant equipment section to find even more deals. Here are a few things to consider:.

In the world of used commercial baking ovens, convection ovens are probably the most common. Convection ovens can quickly and evenly bake a wide variety of different items, from loaves of bread and rolls to baked goods like pies and cakes.

Convection ovens increase efficiency and decrease cooking time by circulating the warm air inside the oven as it cooks, blowing the air across the surface of the food using recirculating fans. This results in even browning, and consistent, predictable products, each and every time.

Some higher-end convection ovens also include steam injection and other specialized special features, depending on what you plan to be baking. In addition to being the most common, convection ovens also tend to be the least expensive. Rustic or artisan-style bread bakers are leaning more and more toward deck ovenswhich are enormous units with vertically small cooking areas, and wide stone or cast iron decks for heating.

Breads baked in deck-style ovens tend to have crispier crusts, with soft, pliable insides, making them a good choice for sandwich rolls, sourdough loaves, or baguettes. Unfortunately, deck ovens tend to swallow up a lot of real estate in a commercial kitchen when compared to a convection oven. Compared to convection ovens, however, deck ovens are generally pretty low-tech appliances, ensuring that when breakdowns occur, they are infrequent and typically inexpensive to repair.

Some higher-end models will even rotate the pans in the rack for more even browning and more consistent results. The reduced time spent handling product can often translate into labor savings in a busy commercial bakery. A revolving or carousel oven is very similar in style to a rotisserie oven; it features large trays that get loaded with dough, which then rotate through the oven chamber.

used bakery ovens for sale

This feature gives these ovens a very high capacity and production rate, but are also expensive to operate and maintain, with a high initial sticker price, to match. Before considering this type of used commercial bakery oven, make sure that your volume demands make this type of oven necessary for your business. Choosing a heating technology is an important next step in evaluating their needs for a used commercial bakery oven.

Ovens typically come in one of two flavors: Electric, or gas either natural gas or bottled propane. These ovens often have simpler code requirements, and may not even require fire suppression or exhaust in some locations.

However, electric ovens have a reputation for being slow to heat up, as well as less capable in the higher temperature ranges. Gas-powered bakery ovens offer precise, consistent temperature control, with typically shorter warm-up times. In addition, natural gas and liquid propane tend to heat more efficiently, which usually translates to reduced cost to run the oven Some of these savings may be offset by the relatively high cost to install in kitchens without existing gas lines, however.

Fortunately, unlike many types of commercial appliances, used commercial bakery ovens are a safe place to try and save a few dollars. Of course, newer ovens tend to have more bells-and-whistles, which may make them prone to breakdown, sooner. When evaluating a used commercial oven for potential purchase, we recommend ovens which contain fewer of these newfangled features, rather than the latest computer-controlled all-digital behemoths. Look for gas-fired ovens if your kitchen setup will provide for gas appliancessince these tend to have a simpler design, be less prone to breakdown, generally heat more quickly and are capable of maintaining higher heat, and less costly to repair than their electric counterparts.Available: -loader in to the oven with trays -transporter -tray cleaning There is extra a depanner available, which reloads the products from trays.

Cooking on hobs: return conveying with cooling zone Tunnel oven width: mm. Ask for a price quote! Oven includes: Proover modules 5x ; Oven modules 3x ; Cooling modules 3x ; Deep cooling modules 1x ; Trays and racks.

Rennhak Used Bakery Export

Multi purpose flatbread baking tunnel oven. FARHAT new technology for baking perfectly both tradional lebanese thin 2 layers pita and wrap flatbread. This Oven is equiped with modulating high thermal output gas burner from upper side for baking Lebanese br The baking time can be modified from 20 to 60 seconds.

The dough thickness is adjustable from 3 to 10mm, bread shape Select Country USA Germany Italy Spain United Kingdom Lebanon 8. Austria 6.

used bakery ovens for sale

Belgium 6. Estonia 6. Russia 6. Netherlands 5. Canada 4. Poland 4. France 2. Japan 2. Mexico 2. Romania 2. Australia 1. Brazil 1. Denmark 1. Ireland 1. Lithuania 1. Slovakia 1. Sweden 1. Turkey 1. Packaging Machinery Industrial Cooking Machines 5.