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Will there be a world tier 6 division 2

19.11.2020 By Kaktilar

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. There are lots of obscure secrets for you to find in The Division 2. Cassie Mendoza — a rare vendor who sells powerful High-End items — is one of those secrets.

Finding Cassie is easy, but unlocking her as a vendor is not. This guide will teach you how to unlock and find Cassie Mendoza in The Division 2.

5 Things I HATE in The Division 2!

First, fast travel to The Safe House. Take the door labeled South East exit, and walk until you reach outside. Run forward through the gate and follow the winding path. Pick it up. Locate the new Bounty on your map and fast travel as close to it as you can. Run into the area and kill all the enemies.

will there be a world tier 6 division 2

Once you kill the named boss, Cassie will appear on the map. Take a friend with you to help out. If you want to do it alone, play it safe and go slow. After you kill the Bounty, Cassie will appear somewhere on the map. Look for the little shopping cart icon; she can appear in different places. For example, we first found Cassie in an apartment bathroom in Judiciary Square.

Let your GPS guide you to her location. Cassie sells powerful High-End items for E-Credits your default currency. But she only stays in the same place for a certain amount of time. You can find a clock displayed next to her icon on the map. It shows you how long she has left in her current spot. Join us on a journey from samurai to ghost.

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will there be a world tier 6 division 2

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The Division 2 guide: How to unlock Cassie Mendoza, the secret vendor

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It will point you in the direction of suitable missions and bring you right to the door of the final mission which requires you to be level 30 before you start it. Instead, head to the White House and talk to your Quartermaster. Each specialization will give you a new specialist weapon and a new skill tree to upgrade. After the final mission of the campaign, your map will change. A new faction, the Black Tuskarrives in DC. This process is a lot shorter than it was the first time around.

The Stronghold missions have a required Gear Score before you can start them, but the missions you have to do to unlock them should get you to the score you need. The most important thing for this part of the endgame is clearing the missions the game gives you and advancing in World Tiers. For now, there are four World Tiers in The Division 2 with a fifth on the way. But for now, World Tier 4 is capped at a Gear Score of The options for getting gear once you hit Tier 4 include completing bounties, which reset periodically, as well as the daily and weekly challenges.

All these options offer good gear and will help to boost you to the maximum Gear Score quickly. Tier 5 will also add gear sets to The Division 2. Gear sets will introduce unique effects if you have several pieces of the same set equipped at once. These are likely to be the best pieces of gear in the game once players reach the Gear Score cap.

Until Tier 5 is released, though, the focus should be on attaining a Gear Score of through the methods listed above.

World Tiers

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Gaming PlayStation Xbox Nintendo.Apart from giving out these unique bounties, he also reveals the current location of secret vendor Cassie Mendoza each time you talk to him. This guide will show you all Division 2 Snitch locationsto help you complete the bounties and find the secret vendor. The Snitch appears randomly all over the city. In order to track him down, you should look for an unknown event on the map which disappears when you approach it.

We found him in several places during our time with the game. The first was one block northeast of the safe house in the Constitution Hall area, west of the White House. He was in a tent used for growing mushrooms.

The second was in the northeastern part of West Potomac Park, near the monument. He was standing close to a wall, near a stack of barrels. There was also the time when we found him in the Southwest area.

He was hiding out in a building on the southern edge of the zone. We also found him near some shanties in the northeastern corner of the Downtown East area.

He was standing next to a restauran menu. One of the locations is in the vicinity of the White House, directly northeast of the Base of Operations. Another place you could look for him is in the tunnel leading to the Roosevelt Island stronghold. He spawns near the entrance. You can also find him skulking around the bakery in the shopping mall in the northeast corner of the Constitution Hall area.

The location of secret vendor Cassie Mendoza will be revealed once you talk to the Snitch. She never stays in one place longer than 36 hours, and her map icon is a shopping cart. She sells high-end, named equipment, usually at the gear score of your current world tier.

will there be a world tier 6 division 2

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The Division 2 brings many different tier gameplay which increases as you progress through different levels and world tiers which have high-level enemies and high-level rewards. So Below you will find a guide, which will explain how the world tier works and how to unlock World Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

To unlock this world tier you would need to first progress through the game until you reach level Once you reach Level 30 you will need to complete the three Strongholds and you should do them in the following order District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island, and Capitol Building.

After completing them you will be able to unlock the World Tier 1. After reaching World Tier 1 you will basically need to repeat the process used for World Tier 1 but they are some slight changes.

For example, to reach World Tier 2 from Tier 1 you will need to complete invaded versions of Grand Washington Hotel and Jefferson Trade Center and then you will need to complete the stronghold missions. Once you get the gear score complete the stronghold and you will progress to world tier 2. Just note — as you progress through different world tier you will get better loots and drops but they also would have high-level enemies which can be difficult to deal with it.

This is the last stronghold on the map which is currently not available but according to reports, it might become available in the near future.

Skip to content The Division 2 brings many different tier gameplay which increases as you progress through different levels and world tiers which have high-level enemies and high-level rewards.New to Shacknews?

Signup for a Free Account. These missions include:. You can expect a lot more enemies to be thrown at you, as well as some variations to the objectives themselves. Black Tusk also includes some nefarious robots that up the ante even more, so make sure you come prepared with plenty of ammo and support from your group.

Each World Tier will allow you to earn items up to a certain Gear Score before you will need to complete the next Stronghold moving up World Tiers is directly tied to completing each Stronghold. The best way to increase your Gear Score is going to be playing through events and activities that reward you with new gear.

Each item that you acquire will have a specific Score set to it. Together, all the items in your equipped slots add up together to total out your Gear Score. You can see all this information from the inventory screen, as well as from the main Character Screen.

The good news is, you can earn gear with better Scores by playing in the Dark Zone, completing the missions we listed above, and by taking part in world events found while exploring Washington D. Like the original Strongholds you completed to unlock the endgame, Black Tusk has also set up four Strongholds around the city. These special missions will have you facing off against multiple enemies and bosses.

Because of this, each Stronghold has a required Gear Score you will need to hit before you can take part in the activity. You can craft weapons and gear in The Division 2 to acquire better items.

The very first Strongholds that you can take down all feature the same Gear Score requirement of This means you can take them down in any order that you choose. While the requirement for these missionscompleting one Stronghold will raise the requirement up for the next one.

Finally, the last Stronghold will become available. As we stated earlier in this guide, completing each Stronghold will raise your World Tier by one level. You will need to complete Tidal Basin to unlock the final level, World Tier 5. Now that you know more about the endgame and how to increase your World Tier, make sure you head back over to our The Division 2 guide hub for more help tackling all of the dangers in Washington D. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has been exploring the world of video games for as long as he can remember.

He enjoys everything from large-scale RPGs to small, bite-size indie gems and everything in between. Already have an account? Login Now. Josh Hawkins. Josh Hawkins Guides Editor.While indeed many players have been excited to jump into The Division 2 's World Tier 5endgame content for those with high Gear Scores, some are voicing frustration about how loot has been implemented in this new content.

Specifically, fans have been noting that Gear Scores for loot in World Tier 5 are variable — meaning that loot that drops in this new World Tier can be below a player's current Gear Score.

By contrast, players that had been working toward The Division 2 's best buildsand had reached Gear Score in World Tier 4, would never receive high-end yellow items below Gear Score or purple items below Gear Score. Now, not only do players that want to maximize their characters' power levels need to hope for high rolls on attributes and talents, but they also need to get lucky and have the item drop at the highest possible Gear Score. This is what has led to the current dissatisfaction amongst the community, and some have taken to forums, such as Reddit, to indicate that variable Gear Scores simply add too much randomness to acquiring new loot.

Furthermore, there are other players that do not take issue with the idea of variable Gear Scores, but they do find its introduction problematic after World Tier 4 consistently granted max level items.

The Division 2 endgame explained: Gear Score, Invaded missions, Strongholds, bounties and more

In a recent live stream, Massive Entertainment briefly addressed this concern, stating that World Tier 5 in The Division 2 is "not guaranteed to drop exactly your gear score at all times. Up to this point, players that have changed World Tiers in The Division 2 have been met with a very generous loot system, which is part of why World Tier 5's variable Gear Scores has made some waves with the playerbase.

While Massive could certainly still alter this implementation, this may simply mark the beginning of a new level of grinding for endgame players. Source: RedditReddit. William Parks is an editor at Game Rant with a background in visual arts. Now, William enjoys playing Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch with his daughter and finding time to sneak in the newest From Software game when possible.

By William Parks Apr 06, Share Tweet Email 0.After you beat the main story, you'll reach the Division 2 endgame. You may think there's not as much to do after you reach level 30, but the fact of the matter is that you've barely even scratched the surface of the game by that point.

The Division 2 endgame has so much more content for you to feast on, from invaded missions and raids to level four control points and exotic weapons. You'll need to prepare yourself though, because The Division 2 definitely doesn't get any easier. The Black Tusk faction invade and they've brought a bunch of weaponised robot dogs with them - scary stuff.

Here's everything you need to know about the Division 2 endgame. The Division 2 level cap is set at Level If you're doing everything possible to work your way through the game's main missions, you should hit that by the time you've taken back full control of DC. Of course, if you're wondering how to level up fast in The Division 2we've got you covered too. But, once you do hit Level 30, you may be wondering what exactly's changed.

The map looks nearly identical, aside from the appearance of a new Stronghold to the east of the map.

Division 2 Snitch Locations - Jared Nash - Secret Vendor Cassie Mendoza

This, and the fact that one of the three Dark Zones suddenly has gear normalisation disabled, is basically the starter to your endgame buffet. To access the real banquet of content, make sure you've completed all three of the Strongholds - True Sons, Outlaws and Hyenas. They're long, and incredibly difficult, even as a foursome, but you'll get loads of XP and tasty loot for doing them.

Oh, and unlock the entire endgame. On completing all three, you'll be teleported to World Tier 1, which is the signal you've entered Division 2 endgame territory. You'll get a cutscene, and it's then that the entire map basically resets.

The Black Tusks are here, and they've taken back control of DC, meaning you've got to start from scratch. In a nutshell, Division 2 World Tiers are basically the equivalent of levels in the Division 2 endgame. But, not only do they decide on your agent's level, they also have an affect on how strong your foes will be, along with the quality of gear and crafting blueprints you'll be able to discover and use. As you'd expect, with every World Tier, the difficulty of the missions available also rises.

There are currently four World Tiers available in The Division 2 endgame, but a fifth is coming later along the year-long roadmap. To progress through the World Tiers, all you need to do is complete Invaded missions, make sure your gear is at the correct level and then beat the associated Stronghold.

If you're familiar with Destiny 2, you're going to find that the Division 2 Gear Score is basically its version of Power Level. Once you reach The Division 2 endgame everything you own will be assigned a Gear Score number - each gear piece, weapon and mod. These all contribute to your overall Gear Score, which is then used to measure your combat power, as well as overall progression.

That way you'll progress through the World Tiers much faster, even if you take a slight hit on your stats. It's actually from the highest possible score from all your gear across your inventory and your stash. Delicious Loot. The best way to make sure you've got the highest possible Gear Score is through crafting. The specifics of how it all works is in our The Division 2 crafting guidebut the key difference for endgame crafting is that you'll need to upgrade your crafting bench for each new World Tier, in order to ensure your crafted gear drops at the highest Gear Score possible.

Don't forget to check gear vendor shops too, as occasionally they'll have some sweet gear too. Because The Division 2 endgame is based all around Gear Score rather than your agent's level, suddenly the PvP areas become incredibly useful.